Windows 10 notifications help you get key information, which ranges from the arrival of new emails to the completion of downloads. However, all of these alerts can be distracting.


Fortunately, Windows 10 makes it easy to disable/enable notifications as well as customize how they’re implemented. Below, we explain how to make permanent changes to your notification settings. If you want to temporarily turn or limit which notifications you get, use the Windows Focus Assist feature instead.


  1. Open the Settings menu. You can get there by selecting it from the Start menu or typing “settings” into the search bar.


2.Navigate to System. It should be the first option in the top left.

  1. Select Notifications & Actions from the left panel.

  1. Toggle Notifications to off under the line “Get notifications from apps . . .” if you want to stop all alerts.


  1. Adjust more notification settings on this screen. Choose what notifications appear on the lock screen—if anything at all. You can enable or disable Windows Welcome Experience (this often appears after Windows 10 updates) as well as Windows Tips and Tricks.


  1. Disable notifications for individual applications if you haven’t turned them off entirely. Look for the application you want to disable notifications for and set the notification button to Off.