Simple Is, Simple Does, That we all can do!.

Welcome to rua-simpleuser

RUA-Simpleuser stands for (are you a simple user in regards to using your computer to get things done such as writing a letter and then proceeding to Email to Family, Friends or busineses.
The RUA family can help us by taking the time to email or use the comments on our posts to help us keep upto date on the help we provide in our post below.

My Name is Andrew Williamson and I am founder of RUA-Simpleuser, I have been

in the IT industry since 1994, I am self taught for the most part in troubleshooting computer problems and repairs.
However I decided to take time out and complete Cert 3, Cert 4, and Diploma in IT development which I graduated in 2007.

I have a vast knowledge of computers old and new and the ability to trace any problem fast so that
the computer can be up and running in no time.

So I have decided to share my vast knowledge with you all in this blog.

So I am looking forward to answering your questions and advising the right answer to you

regards Andrew

7 good computer habits to have

7 good computer habits to have

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